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Goldman Sachs Degree Apprenticeship Programme

You probably know Goldman Sachs as a leading financial services firm. What might surprise you is that over one quarter of our employees, more than 8,000 professionals, make up our Technology Division, the largest in the firm.

At Goldman Sachs Technology, we build solutions to some of the most complex problems. From applications development to managing data, risk analysis to safeguarding information and promoting environmental responsibility, our commitment to best-in-class technology provides Goldman Sachs with a competitive advantage.

At Goldman Sachs we deal with real-world technology challenges of a size, scale and complexity that very few companies face. Success in our industry hinges on constant innovation and on the technology that backs it up. It’s the ability to create and utilise something that wasn’t there before, and to do it first.

Our technology is our competitive edge. That is why we build it ourselves and why, more than ever, we’re investing in people who can make innovation happen.We’re looking for people who are ambitious and innovative, who want to be empowered early in their careers and like to work in a collaborative, team-driven environment.

As a global, multi-disciplinary technology organisation, we not only support workplace diversity and internal mobility but are committed to leading the way. We require technical proficiency, of course, along with exceptional academic achievement. But the qualities and talents we especially prize are rarer: professionalism, initiative, creativity, and most of all integrity. We want candidates who are willing to learn and put their learning to work. We can teach you the rest.

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