Technology Degree Apprenticeship

Apprentice Programmes:

Although we offer a range of technical and business apprenticeships, the majority of our apprentices join our Digital & Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship:

  • Follow an alternative, accelerated path into the technology industry via our 4½ year study and work programme.
  • Complete a BSc (Honours) in Digital & Technology Solutions through Aston University.
  • Study for a sponsored degree - a debt-free start to your career because you don't need a student loan or pay tuition fees.
  • Gain a permanent full-time role within Capgemini.

Programme, training and development:

Our award-winning programme includes all the opportunities you need to prepare for a successful career in the technology industry. You’ll build technical skills in software development and consulting, alongside broader business-related personal development.

Your study programme is designed to fit around full-time employment, and uses a blended learning approach that mixes distance learning, work-based study and on-campus study days. This approach allows apprentices to combine two roles. First, you'll be a productive employee with Capgemini, learning relevant skills and gaining valuable experience on client projects, with ongoing support from experts in your chosen field and from buddies or mentors. Second, you’ll participate in a learning community of students who are broadening and deepening their professional knowledge together.

At regular reviews, you and your manager will track performance and reassess your salary in line with it. You'l have the opportunity to reach and exceed the salary of a graduate entrant after the end of the programme. On finishing your apprenticeship successfully, you will be a highly qualified member of the Capgemini global business, with unparalleled career opportunities.


We hire apprentices for technical roles such as Software Developer, Cybersecurity and Technical Applications Consultant. Over your first few years, you'll gain exposure to a wide range of technologies and projects. You'll get the chance to develop skills in areas such as .NET/C#, Drupal/PHP, Microsoft, Java, SQL, Oracle, SAP, Cloudera and Hadoop. You're also likely to work with cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS). We don't just need tech apprentices - we also need business brains, and so we offer the opportunity to work towards a BSc in Leadership and Business Management. 

Salary and Benefits:

  • During initial training, you'll earn a minimum of £10k/annum, after which your salary rises to £16k
  • 25 days annual leave
  • Adequate study leave
  • Mobile phone and laptop plus a variety of benefits to choose from.

As a university student you'll get the same benefits as a full-time student on campus:

  • Being part of societies
  • NUS card
  • 30% Oyster Card discount for London-based apprentices

What are we looking for?

An interest in the subject matter is crucial. There's an intense period of learning straight away, after which you'll usually go straight onto a client project. At the same time, you'll be studying part-time for your degree. Our software developers have usually studied or taught themselves some form of programming language or played with coding. If you join in this role, you'll head down a software development specialist route after the first year of your degree.

Those joining in less technical roles often have an interest in technology but perhaps an even stronger one in the business, consulting and project side of things.

Qualifications Needed:

7 GCSEs including English and Maths at A-C

Plus one of:

  • 3 A-Levels at CCC or above (actual or predicted)
  • BTEC at PPD or above (actual or predicted)
  • Completed Advanced Apprenticeship

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