Balfour Beatty Plc

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Sellafield, Newcastle, York, Horsham and London

Ashford, Cambridge, Cheadle, Coventry, Derby, Folkstone, Hereford, Horsham, London, Norwich, Northampton, Reading, Solihull and Tonbridge.

Cheadle, Northampton, Swaffham, London, Peterborough, Exeter and Cambridge.

Cheadle, Solihull, Cambridge, Reading, Coventry, Sellafield, Derby, Basingstoke and London

Solihull, Cheadle, Peterborough, Rickmansworth, Tonbridge, Coventry, Norwich

Southampton, Wokingham, Warwickshire, Rochdale and Hereford

Northampton, Coventry, South Tyneside, Warwickshire and Herefordshire

Bromborough, Heysham and Hillington

South Mimms, Dartford, Sheffield and Glasgow

Heysham, Sellafield, Irvine, Montrose, Rosyth

Southampton, Wokingham, Warwickshire, Rochdale and Herefordshire.

Sandiacre- Derby, Bromborough and Sellafield

Peterborough and Norfolk

Scratchwood (Borehamwood) , Leatherhead, Blunts Farm (Essex) and Swanley

Solihull, Cheadle, Peterborough, Greenwich/London, Exeter, Rickmansworth, Cambridge, Tonbridge, Coventry, Norwich

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