School Leavers' Challenge

School Leavers' Challenge


Search for your name to find out where you are ranked in the overall 2017 competition. The competition closed on the 5 April and the top students on the leader board were invited to the Grand Final at the iconic BT Tower on the 27th April.

Rank First name Last name School/College Overall score
751 Molly Adamson Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 84.22
752 thomas stokes 84.21
753 aimee paisley Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 84.18
754 Conor Mulhern 84.01
755 Grace Papenfus Kingsbridge Academy 83.74
756 Georgia Risbridger Sittingbourne Community College 83.53
757 Hannah Hamilton Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 82.79
758 Lewis Crossfield Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 82.4
759 Lee Calder Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 82.11
760 Thomas Sitch Kingsbridge Academy 80.94
761 Osborn Spurling The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School 80.57
762 hannah turner Kingsbridge Academy 79.86
763 Siobhan Privonitz-Smith Westholme School 79.6
764 Gabriella Jones Gordano School 79.6
765 eathan morris 79.52
766 Isabel Ryall Kingsbridge Academy 79.28
767 Oliver Tate Queen Mary's College 79.08
768 imogen coltrini Kingsbridge Academy 78.34
769 Esra Oksuz 77.83
770 Harry Marston 76.96
771 raquel martin 76.92
772 Ned Welch Kingsbridge Academy 76.82
773 Reanna Holroyd Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College 76.43
774 Gabrielle Phythian Walthamstow Hall 76.42
775 Sophie Clarke 76.04


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