School Leavers' Challenge

School Leavers' Challenge


Search for your name to find out where you are ranked in the overall competition. The top 100 students who are on the leaderboard when the competition closes in February will be invited to the Grand Final at the iconic BT Tower in March.

Rank First name Last name School/College Overall score
26 Chloe Twiselton Northampton School for Girls 166.55
27 Timofei Zibarev Sevenoaks School 164.1
28 Ali Khan Radyr Comprehensive School 163.87
29 Charlotte Foley Sevenoaks School 163.53
30 Will Sheridan-Smith Winstanley College 163.35
31 Rassi Sahota Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 162.58
32 Arin Tofi Woodhouse College 162.35
33 Emily Hobson Kesteven and Sleaford High School Selective Academy 162.1
34 Neve Coward Rugby High School 161.62
35 Aayush Shrestha Radyr Comprehensive School 160.95
36 Limeng Zhu The Manchester Grammar School 160
37 Gabrielle Puleston-Vaudrey Wallington County Grammar School 159.11
38 Lucy Mackie Nottingham Girls' High School GDST 158.31
39 Peter Johnstone Clitheroe Royal Grammar School 157.35
40 David MacDonald Balfron High School 157.33
41 Michael Lutter The Latymer School 157
42 Katarina Lau Sevenoaks School 155.91
43 Pranay Madlani-Kotecha Merchant Taylors' School 155.67
44 emily jones Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 155.64
45 Murray Coueslant 155.42
46 Charis Greenland The Beacon School 155
47 Naomi Grice Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 154.61
48 Theodora Beadle Sevenoaks School 154.02
49 Naomi Knox Belfast Royal Academy 153.13
50 Stephanie Hannah Westholme School 151.69


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