School Leavers' Challenge

School Leavers' Challenge


Search for your name to find out where you are ranked in the overall competition. The top students who are on the leaderboard when the competition closes on the 5th April will be invited to the Grand Final at the iconic BT Tower on the 27th April.

Rank First name Last name School/College Overall score
226 Dee Cirium The Henrietta Barnett School 127.68
227 Alex MacKenzie Kingsbridge Academy 127.66
228 Jack Cardrick 127.62
229 Laura Stafford Nottingham Girls' High School GDST 127.58
230 Jack Pershing Kingsbridge Academy 127.49
231 alex kore Woodhouse College 127.3
232 Sophie Mannall Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School 127.15
233 Bakht Jalil Gravesend Grammar School 127.03
234 Abby Broderick Selby College 127
235 ebony lindsay Winstanley College 126.76
236 Kyra bosompem 126.69
237 Hilary Odunayo St Mark's Church of England Academy 126.67
238 charlie evans Kingsbridge Academy 126.64
239 Anita Markowska The Henley College 126.54
240 Joe Loane Belfast Royal Academy 126.41
241 Oliver Fountain Kingsbridge Academy 125.96
242 Nassima Ali Northampton School for Girls 125.91
243 Kieron Concah Winstanley College 125.79
244 Nathan McClean Belfast Royal Academy 125.62
245 Andrew George Robert Gordon's 125.59
246 Liam Quigg The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School 125.39
247 Lewis Boon Kingsbridge Academy 125.37
248 David Horrigan 125.32
249 Ollie Stepney Kingsbridge Academy 125.1
250 Laurence Joss The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School 124.9


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