School Leavers' Challenge

School Leavers' Challenge


Search for your name to find out where you are ranked in the overall competition. The top students who are on the leaderboard when the competition closes on the 5th April will be invited to the Grand Final at the iconic BT Tower on the 27th April.

Rank First name Last name School/College Overall score
76 Naomi Grice Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 154.61
77 Shem Skillam Kingsbridge Academy 154.03
78 Theodora Beadle Sevenoaks School 154.02
79 Sarah Chapman The Sixth Form College Farnborough 153.16
80 Naomi Knox Belfast Royal Academy 153.13
81 Nick Lai Radyr Comprehensive School 153.11
82 Zoe Hayne Weymouth College 152.88
83 Katie Anderson Rossett School 152.68
84 Nicholas Carson 152.65
85 Elliot McBride Winstanley College 152.12
86 Hafsa Mukhtar 151.7
87 Stephanie Hannah Westholme School 151.69
88 Kashif Jeelani Woodhouse College 151.51
89 Alexis Gkantiragas 151.39
90 Sian Pareja Woodhouse College 151.17
91 Rebecca Mitchell Coleg Llanymddyfri 150.92
92 Liam Nixon Kingsbridge Academy 150.87
93 Lucy Watkins Radyr Comprehensive School 150.62
94 Francis Aquino The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School 150.27
95 Alex Jones Winstanley College 150.26
96 Cameron Marshal Rushcliffe School 150.24
97 matthew littler Winstanley College 150.13
98 Kaye Lagmay All Saints Catholic School and Technology College 149.74
99 Shannon O'Doherty Weald of Kent Grammar School 149.55
100 Cameron Holt Gravesend Grammar School 149.38


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