School Leavers' Challenge

School Leavers' Challenge


Search for your name to find out where you are ranked in the overall competition. The top students who are on the leaderboard when the competition closes on the 5th April will be invited to the Grand Final at the iconic BT Tower on the 27th April.

Rank First name Last name School/College Overall score
251 Oliver Fountain Kingsbridge Academy 125.96
252 Nassima Ali Northampton School for Girls 125.91
253 Kieron Concah Winstanley College 125.79
254 Nathan McClean Belfast Royal Academy 125.62
255 Andrew George Robert Gordon's 125.59
256 Liam Quigg The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School 125.39
257 Lewis Boon Kingsbridge Academy 125.37
258 David Horrigan 125.32
259 Ollie Stepney Kingsbridge Academy 125.1
260 Laurence Joss The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School 124.9
261 Igor Czerepski 124.86
262 joshi boi wantsome 124.76
263 Holly Ryder Kingsbridge Academy 124.67
264 Kate Robinson Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 124.59
265 Ruby Rigby Kingsbridge Academy 124.43
266 Ross Andrews Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 124.36
267 Dylan Thompson Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 124.08
268 Nathan Patel Rawlins Academy 123.98
269 Ellie Bibby Clitheroe Royal Grammar School 123.87
270 Lily Arama Sanchez Aylesbury High School 123.69
271 Lucy Taylor Westhill Academy 123.57
272 catherine lewins Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy 123.29
273 William Jones 123.01
274 Jack Yemm Biddulph High School 122.68
275 Izzy Fardon Kingsbridge Academy 122.53


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