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Want career ideas in a hurry? Got stuck thinking about what to study at university? The Spartan careers quiz is a quick way to come up with ideas that might suit you.

You’ll be shown a series of images relating to interests, activities and potential careers. All you need to do is click on the one that you feel represents you best. There are 48 choices to make in total – but it’s fine to skip some if don’t feel that any of the images are relevant to you. The quiz will take you about 20 minutes.

Your responses will generate word clouds with suggestions of careers, degree subjects and types of apprenticeships that might appeal to you. You can then edit these, removing suggestions that don’t interest you and freeing up space for new ones that might.

If you find an idea you like, you can click through to find out more about this career or subject elsewhere on TARGETcareers.

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