A level and GCSE revision resources

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A collection of the best websites, apps, revision guides and videos to help you with your revision.

We’ve put together a list of all the revision resources we could find for GCSE and A levels. Here you’ll find interactive websites and apps, revision guides, videos and more that will help you in your revision.

General revision resources

  • BBC Bitesize is a website with syllabus-specific material over a wide range of subjects.
  • Evernote is an app that allows you to access your notes online and share them with your friends.
  • Foraday is a calendar app that tracks your day.
  • Go Conqr is a website that allows you to make flash cards, mind maps, notes and slide sets.
  • Hodder Education magazines are subject-specific publications aimed at A level, IB and GCSE students.
  • Quizlet is a website that allows you to make flashcards and test yourself on them through memory games and exercises.
  • Revision World has various different forms of revision help for multiple GCSE and A level subjects.
  • Study Blue is a crowdsourced library of flash cards.
  • Timetune is a schedule planning app.
  • Tutor2U is a revision website with subject-specific material from teachers and schools.

English revision websites

GCSE and A/AS level

  • No Fear Shakespeare is a translation facility for Shakespeare that puts his plays into modern English.

A/AS level only

  • Chaucer is a site that opens up into lots of separate themes and essays surrounding The Canterbury Tales. It provides some context on medieval writing and social history.
  • Heuristic Media: The Tempest iPad app has a transformation of the play with its lines spoken by Ian McKellen and supporting literature around the play.
  • Victorian Web is a website that opens into areas concerning Victorian culture. There is a vast range of content on authors, texts, society, history and technology.
  • Touch Press Inc’s The Waste Land app contains a video performance by Fiona Shaw, in-depth annotations, the original facsimile, context, images and interviews.

Revision resources for science

GCSE and A/AS level

  • Beaker Mix Chemicals app lets you see the reactions that happen when you mix different chemicals.
  • Biology Dictionary offline app gives you definitions for difficult biology terms.
  • Periodic Table 2017 app is an interactive and up-to-date version of the periodic table.
  • PhyWiz’s Physics Solver app solves any physics problem you give it.
  • The Sumanas, Inc website has information on various science subjects and topics.
  • A number of science-specific apps exist for each exam board.

A/AS level only

Good maths revision websites

GCSE only

GCSE and A/AS level

  • Exam Solutions has online tutorials and past papers.
  • Maths Made Easy is a site with online tests, past papers and exam advice.
  • MyMaths is a subscription that many schools have. It has interactive homework, webinars and revision notes.
  • Revision Maths has worksheets and notes on curriculum-specific topics.
  • S-cool has tests and memory exercises for subject-specific topics.
  • Maths Genie has revision notes and exercises.

A/AS level only

Humanities revision resources: geography, history, religious studies, philosophy, sociology

GCSE and A/AS level

  • The GCSE Geography app has content covering some of Edexcel, OCR and AQA syllabuses.
  • Google Books and Google Scholar are good resources for further reading.
  • The History Learning Site has important facts and information on key dates in history that are relevant to the GCSE and A Level curriculum.
  • HistoryRevision has curriculum-specific revision notes.
  • History Timeline app allows you to add events to a historical timeline and bookmark key dates.
  • Mr McMillan’s Revision YouTube channel has a number of revision and exam help videos for religious studies and philosophy.
  • Old maps’ A Touch of History app allows you to see historical maps from the 15th to the 20th century.
  • Sociology Dictionary allows you to find definitions for technical sociology terms.

A/AS level only

Revision resources for languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese

GCSE and A/AS level

  • Babbel is not specifically for school exams but is a fun way of testing your language skills and covers many languages.
  • Duolingo covers many languages and helps you track your progress.
  • German Revision has crosswords and matching exercises for curriculum-specific topics.
  • GetRevising has French, German and Spanish revision resources.
  • Gojimo is a French revision app.
  • The Language Gym has revision games and exercises for French and Spanish.
  • S-cool has tests and memory exercises for German language.

A/AS level only

  • Jimdo has essay examples for French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Art revision resources

GCSE and A/AS level

  • Dreams of Dalí is a 360° video that allows you to explore Dali’s works of art within a surreal world.
  • The Guardian art and design page includes opinion pieces on art and current exhibitions.
  • Khan Academy has a series on art history.
  • MOMA website has information on artistic movements including Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Minimalism, Pop Art and Surrealism.
  • Words to Use offers a list of interesting words for various colours, shades and hues.

Music revision websites

GCSE and A/AS level

  • Touch Piano is a fun way to discover piano pieces from all ages, such as those by Debussy and Beethoven. It plays music to the tempo of keystrokes.
  • YouTube has various classical music channels and allows you to hear different versions and interpretations of the same piece.

Drama revision resources

PE revision resources


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