How to apply to retail apprenticeships and jobs

How to apply for retailers' apprenticeships and jobs
At a glance: the application and recruitment methods that retailers use when hiring apprentices and school leavers.

Each retailer has its own way of recruiting, but there are some similarities.

Stage one: the pre-screening test

Before you apply for an apprenticeship, retailers will often expect you to undertake a pre-screening test. You will not be assessed on this – it is aimed at helping you to decide whether a job in retail is right for you. For example, it might take the form of an online slideshow that asks you to think about what you’d do in certain situations. If you complete the test and are still keen, that’s the right time to apply.

Stage two: a formal application process

The typical application process involves these stages:

Stage three: retail interviews and assessment days

The number of interviews you are invited to will vary according to the retailer, but you will usually be asked to complete at least one of, or a combination of, the following:

Different types of retail interviews

You might come across different types of interviews for a retail apprenticeship or entry-level job. These include

  • Telephone (or Skype) interviews – these are often used as a first interview
  • Video interviews – these may be as straightforward as a normal FaceTime or Skype conversation, but they may also involve you recording answers to questions that pop up on screen throughout.
  • Face-to-face interviews – these are usually the final stage of the interview process and sometimes happen at an assessment centre.

Investigate deadlines

Retailers have different apprenticeship application deadlines – some are open throughout the year, with vacancies advertised as they arise. Others have one intake a year and are only open to applications for a couple of months a year. You will need to investigate individual retailers to see when they invite applications as deadlines vary from employer to employer. For example, if an employer holds its assessment centres in January and February, its deadline will be before that.

Attend careers events

'Going along to careers events is a really helpful experience,' says Faye Sawyer, talent acquisitions at McDonald's Restaurants. 'You can pick up brochures with lots of application tips inside and you can speak to people who can answer any questions and give you advice.'

Ask your school if they are aware of any events coming up and check employers' websites – they often have a list of events they will be attending.

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