Healthcare and veterinary medicine

Healthcare and veterinary medicine

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  • Medicine degrees and beyond

    Find out about different kinds of medicine degree and the career options open to you afterwards, both in medicine and healthcare and other professions such as law.

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  • Alternatives to a medicine degree

    If you’re thinking about studying medicine at university, it’s also worth considering these alternative degree options in specialised healthcare.

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  • Careers as a dentist

    Find out about dentist training in the UK, including dentistry degree entry requirements and course content, further training after graduation and areas of dentistry you could specialise in.

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  • Careers as a vet

    Becoming a vet requires a veterinary medicine university degree plus some further learning. Once you’ve qualified there’s a range of career options, including treating wild animals or working animals.

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  • Is medicine for me?

    Becoming a doctor is incredibly popular, but you’ll be choosing a lifestyle rather than just a job. Make sure it’s right for you before committing to five or more years at medical school.

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  • Careers in medical research

    Interested in a career as a medical researcher? Find out what they do and how to become one, and learn more from Dr Rebecca Barlow at the Medical Research Council.

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  • Careers in physiotherapy

    Discover how to get into physiotherapy, what the physiotherapist job role involves and how much your salary will be. Plus we talk to a musculoskeletal physiotherapist about her career.

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  • Careers as a dietitian

    Wondering what dietitians do and if you’d like to become one? Discover what the job involves and the skills and qualifications required, with help from paediatric diabetes dietitian Andrea Young.

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  • Careers in clinical psychology

    What do clinical psychologists do and how do you become one? TARGETcareers and psychologist Dr Sonia Bues outline the job and the qualifications you’ll need.

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  • Careers in pharmacy

    Learn about how to become a pharmacist in the UK and the different types of job you could do, then read our career Q&A with a hospital pharmacist.

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  • Careers in nursing

    Find out how to train to be a nurse and the different types of nurse you could become. We’ve also spoken to a learning disability nurse about what her job involves.

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  • How to qualify as a doctor

    Discover how to become a doctor, from medical school to achieving consultant or GP status. We cover medical qualifications, training programmes, types of doctor, medical specialties and all the terminology you need.

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  • Nursing degrees and beyond

    When applying to do a nursing degree, you need to show that you have the right personal qualities as well as the necessary grades. Find out more about the kind of experience you need and the different specialities that you can go into.

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