Welcome to TARGETcareers

TARGETcareers exists to help young people make choices about their future. We do this by providing expert information and advice on the range of career possibilities available and the best routes into them. Whether they are considering going to university or taking an apprenticeship with an employer, or still figuring out the right combination of school subjects, TARGETcareers can help them make the next step in their education or career.

Who runs TARGETcareers?

TARGETcareers is part of GTI Media. GTI has been helping young people figure out their future and find work since 1988. We started with university students, first producing in-depth paper products, then adding a website, face-to-face events and competitions such as the Undergraduate of the Year. You may be familiar with our TARGETjobs brand for university students. In 2015 we launched the TARGETcareers website for 15–18 year olds, packed with information and advice from our in-house team of expert careers writers.

GTI’s main office is on Wallingford, Oxfordshire, and is pictured above.

How can TARGETcareers help me?

The TARGETcareers website has masses of information and resources available for free. We can help your child or students to decide which career interests them and discover the different routes into it – for some careers they can choose between starting work at 18 or going to university first. And we can provide advice on how to choose the best degree or apprenticeship, and apply successfully. They can find opportunities via our searchable database of school leaver programmes or our database of university courses. There's also a handy A to Z of UK universities.

Our advice is given the context of our careers expertise. So even if your children or pupils want to apply to university for an academic subject and make career decisions further down the line, we can help them choose options that will keep doors open.

If you’re a teacher or parent, also take a look at our parents and teachers section for lesson plans and other resources designed for you.

There’s no charge to become a registered user. School students can sign up with us to receive advice, jobs and details of university courses by email. As a parent or teacher you can join our mailing list to keep up to date with new content on site and news about events and competitions relating to careers and higher education.

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