Drama, Dance & Music

Singers specialise in either classical or popular music. They work in opera or as part of a choir, or sing one or more different popular styles, such as pop, rock or hip hop.

Work Activities

Classical singers work in opera or as part of a choir, for example. Popular singers usually focus on a particular style, such as pop, rock or hip hop.

All singers spend time practising; some attend singing lessons. They usually start by singing in their spare time until they have enough material to put an act together.

Until they have had enough success to employ a manager or agent, most singers have to organise their own bookings, negotiate fees and contracts, and organise and plan performances.

As well as giving live performances, some singers spend time in studios, making recordings for CDs/downloads, radio, film and television. As they become more successful, they are likely to spend time touring, promoting their music and doing concerts. Successful pop singers also appear in videos.

Some singers combine their work with teaching, giving personal tuition or writing music.

Singers on tour stay in temporary accommodation and can spend weeks away from home.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of singers: Singers perform at a variety of venues including clubs, pubs, parties, charity balls, theatres, festivals and cruise ships and recording studios.

Opportunities occur for singers to work in other countries, usually on tour or at festivals.


Entry qualifications vary between music colleges so it is important to check with individual colleges for details.

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