Video maker/producer
Visual Arts & Trades

Video makers or producers make videos for a variety of commercial and industrial purposes. Professional quality videos are used in areas such as training, education, public relations, marketing and weddings.

Work Activities

Video producers make videos for a variety of commercial and industrial purposes. Many video-making companies are small, producing relatively low cost professional productions.

Videos can cover a range of areas, such as education, advertising, music promos and events such as weddings. Some independent video producers also make videos of broadcast standard for television companies.

Technical aspects of the work include operating cameras, sound recording equipment and lighting. Video makers also use technical equipment to edit their footage into a final version. Editing software is used to mix, cut and arrange shots, and to improve the quality of pictures and sound.

Video makers look at customers' requirements before planning and preparing for recording. Preparation can involve finding and arranging locations and writing scripts/storyboards.

During filming, the video maker organises those taking part. They decide exactly where filming will take place, how different shots are to be set up and how many 'takes' are needed to get the footage they need.

Financial control is important, as the business must be viable and videos must be produced at a competitive price. Other aspects of the work can include sales, marketing and making presentations to clients.

Local, national and international travel may be required, with overnight and longer stays away from home. Video makers usually work long and irregular hours, which can include early starts, late finishes, and work at weekends and public holidays.

Personal Qualities and Skills

  • Time management and organisational skills.
  • Good communication and people skills.
  • Creativity - for developing ideas and problem solving.
  • Practical skills to use a range of technical equipment, such as cameras, sound equipment and editing systems.
  • Good hand-eye co-ordination.
  • To be able to work carefully and patiently to produce a professionally finished product.
  • The ability to work well under pressure.

Marketing, presentational and book-keeping skills are an advantage, particularly if you are setting up your own business.

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of video makers/ producers

Opportunities for video makers/producers occur in towns and cities throughout the UK, and in major media and broadcasting production centres such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow Manchester/Salford and Leeds.

Employers are industrial and commercial video companies. Most of these are small operations, set up and run by one or two people.

Companies producing videos for broadcasting are fewer. There may be opportunities with these companies, if you have experience and training.

There may be opportunities to work on location in other countries.

Many video makers/producers are self-employed.


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