Fast stream civil servant
Public Administration

Work Activities

Tasks can vary massively according to the department and your role within it. Jobs could be anything from embassy staff to a scientific research fellow. Civil servants typically advise and support government officials, and implement their policy decisions. Other jobs could include:

  • managing staff
  • debating and negotiating ideas
  • writing reports
  • research
  • preparing policy proposals.

While 18% of roles are based in London, a much greater number of jobs are spread throughout the country, and around the world. Salaries can range from around £14,000 up to over £60,000 for senior figures. The majority of roles are on a 9.00 am – 5.00 pm basis, but specialists may be required to keep different hours. Continual professional development and training are important and the Civil Service has its own training college.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Key skills

  • logical
  • creative
  • confident
  • decisive
  • possess a mature attitude
  • effective interpersonal skills.

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers

  • Government departments
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Diplomatic service
  • Local and regional government.


Qualifications and training required

For graduates there is a fast stream programme, for which the application process typically runs between the months of September and November. You will need to have, or be predicted to have, at least a 2.2 to apply. Specific grades and qualifications may be required for different posts. For example, to join the diplomatic service as an economist a 2.1 in economics is needed.

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