Studio/floor manager
Drama, Dance & Music

Studio managers work in radio and floor managers work in television. They help make sure that programmes run as smoothly as possible.

Work Activities

Studio managers work in radio and floor managers work in television.

Studio managers

Studio managers work with radio producers (and other members of a production team) to make sure that studios and technical equipment are set up correctly for radio shows. Typical activities include:

  • checking sound balance and quality
  • controlling the mixing desk
  • recording and editing material to be broadcast.

Studio managers sometimes work in an outside broadcast unit. After gaining experience, it's usual for studio managers to specialise in a particular area of broadcasting, such as sports, drama or music.

Floor managers

Floor managers act as a link between the filming director and the studio floor. In effect, they act on behalf of the director, by taking responsibility for everything that happens on the studio floor.

They organise and co-ordinate everything from the performers to the technical equipment. They often have assistants to help them. Floor managers may also work on outside broadcasts for both television and film.

Travel and time away from home may be required, especially for location work and outside broadcasts.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers for studio managers: Most opportunities for floor managers are in major broadcasting production centres such as London, Birmingham, Manchester/Salford and Leeds.

Studio/floor managers work for the BBC, independent television and film companies, commercial radio stations, and satellite and cable television firms, often on short-term contracts.

Many work as self-employed, freelance studio/floor managers.


New entrants are often graduates or those with higher national awards.

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