Travel agency manager
Business & Facilities Administration

Travel agency managers are responsible for the smooth running of their agency. They use various marketing strategies to attract custom and make a profit. They also co-ordinate the work of staff and organise training programmes.

Work Activities

Travel agency managers are responsible for the smooth running of their shop. They make sure that the agency makes a profit by selling holiday packages on behalf of tour operators, who pay them a commission for each sale.

In a large travel agency, there are likely to be different sections dealing with holiday travel, currency exchange and business travel. The manager co-ordinates the work of staff in each section.

Managers are usually involved in the recruitment and selection of new employees. They also run training programmes to make sure that all staff have a wide range of knowledge and experience.

Although clerical staff deal with most public enquiries, managers may give advice to new clients, especially if they want to organise more complex trips, such as group holidays. Managers also deal with any problems that arise, such as unhappy customers.

Managers must reach sales targets set by their head office, and compile accounts and sales figures.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Key skills

  • Excellent communication and people skills, for liaising with both staff and customers.
  • Organisational skills for co-ordinating various aspects of the work and for making sure that the office is productive.
  • A confident approach.
  • Leadership and motivation skills.
  • The ability to work towards meeting sales and profitability targets.
  • It is useful if you can speak a foreign language.

Pay And Opportunities

Employers are high street travel agencies. Some are small independent firms, while others are part of a large chain.


Entry routes and training

In most cases, travel agency managers are recruited from staff who have completed in-company training schemes and/or gained the relevant Travel & Tourism Services work-based qualifications.

It is usual to work up to management positions after experience as a clerk and/or gaining relevant work-based qualifications. However, there are some opportunities for those with A levels/ Highers, an HND or degree, to enter as a management trainee.

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