Revenue officer
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Revenue officers are civil servants who work for HM Revenue & Customs. They might manage a group of administrative staff, dealing with the tax of individuals and small businesses, or be involved in case work, dealing with more complicated tax affairs of larger companies. Compliance and collection involves tracking down, investigating and dealing with people who try to avoid paying tax.

Work Activities

Revenue officers work for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). They aim to help people in difficulty by giving them time to pay what they owe, but to enforce payments from people who won't pay.

They are often responsible for a team of administrative staff, helping them to deal with the tax affairs of individuals and small businesses. The revenue officer has a supervisory role, monitoring the work of the team and helping team members to develop their skills.

Revenue officers also deal with case work. A case could involve more complex tax work, for example, the personal tax affairs of a company director or someone running their own business. The revenue officer examines tax returns, checks allowance entitlements and makes sure that the individual involved has declared their income fully and correctly.

A revenue officer might be involved in compliance work. This includes encouraging people to comply with tax laws as well as helping to track down and investigate people who are trying to avoid paying their taxes. In cases of tax fraud, revenue officers help to prepare cases for court action.

In collection work, an officer might visit someone's business premises or home to negotiate payment of taxes that are overdue. If the person cannot pay all the tax they owe at once, the revenue officer can help them reach an agreement to pay over a certain period of time.

Revenue officers could also be involved in customer service, by telephone, in writing or face to face. They might work in a contact centre, supervising a team or helping members of the public to understand tax and giving advice on, for example, tax credits, National Insurance or student loan repayments.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of revenue officers: Revenue officers are civil servants who work for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).


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