Road transport manager
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Road transport managers work in either passenger or freight transport. They are responsible for budgets, vehicle safety, and allocation of transport staff.

Work Activities

Road transport managers take overall responsibility for the efficient and safe running of vehicles carrying passengers and/or goods. Responsibilities can vary a lot because of the variation in size and type of company in this industry.

Duties could range from allocation of drivers, through to customer negotiation over freight rates and industrial relations negotiations with trade unions. Although, they may have overall responsibility for efficient and safe vehicle operation, in some businesses transport managers may be removed from the direct operations and have a greater planning role. Some managers may be referred to as commercial/operations managers.

They are responsible for a fleet of vehicles and their drivers. They ensure that deliveries get to customers on time and in good condition. In passenger transport, managers are responsible for scheduling services, trips and coach holidays. Both passenger and freight managers also have to apply for, and make sure they keep, an Operator's Licence. Transport managers might spend a lot of time on the telephone liaising with customers and employees. They also spend time dealing with paperwork and communicating with people by letter or email. In some companies, transport managers may also be involved in the recruitment and training of staff, and the purchase and sale of vehicles.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of road transport managers: Employers are haulage companies, which operate locally, nationally and internationally. Some run a few vehicles, others run 50 plus, while the largest run up to 250. Some also deal with warehousing, stock control and distribution. A number of large wholesale and retail organisations run their own transport fleets.


Entry requirements will vary for each apprenticeship or degree so it is important to check with individual employers or universities.

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