Recreation manager
Business & Facilities Administration

Recreation managers plan, organise, promote, provide and develop leisure and recreational facilities. Responsibility may be for one, or a number of facilities.

Work Activities

Recreation managers may be responsible for any one of a range of different facilities, including leisure centres, theme parks, bingo clubs or historic buildings.

Duties, responsibilities and skills are similar, although managers usually choose a field of work according to their personal interests, academic background and experience.

The work of a manager is likely to include:

  • staff supervision
  • financial and budgetary management
  • policy making and development planning
  • handling any problems that arise on a day-to-day basis.

The duties of any individual depend on the size and structure of the employing organisation and the manager's level of seniority. For example, in local authorities, the recreation manager's role is to implement decisions that have been made at city or council level. Therefore, they might oversee the development of a new sports complex, think of a new activity or improve existing services. Facilities and special events such as exhibitions, sports tournaments, play schemes and concerts need to be publicised. This can involve:

  • arranging for the production, printing and distribution of leaflets and posters
  • arranging for adverts to appear in the press
  • visiting schools and community groups to give talks.

Some managers undertake market research to find out what current users want, and to attract new users.

The daily running of any leisure facility needs careful organisation. Managers are responsible for personnel matters such as recruitment, training, staff rotas, catering facilities and the maintenance of any equipment and buildings. They are also responsible for the health and safety management of their facilities.

Those responsible for countryside areas and historic properties have fewer visitors during the winter and use this time for forward planning, conservation work, revising written information and reorganising displays.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of recreation managers: Employers include local authorities, commercial organisations, charities and government-funded organisations such as English Heritage.


Entry requirements will vary by degree / apprenticeship so it is important to check with individual universities/ employers

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