Estate manager
Business & Facilities Administration

Estate managers manage land and buildings. Their tasks will typically include arranging leases or tenancy agreements, sorting out repairs, or advising on sales and property development.

Work Activities

Estate managers manage the use of urban and rural land and property. The land and property they manage may be used for industrial, commercial, residential or agricultural purposes. Their tasks include:

  • Collecting rents for private landlords or landowning organisations.
  • Arranging leases and tenancy agreements.
  • Letting industrial buildings.
  • Arranging for property to be maintained and repaired.
  • Advising on sales and property development.

Estate managers who work for commercial consultancies or property developers often follow a development project through, from the purchase of land to daily management of the completed scheme.

Local authorities and other public sector organisations often employ estate managers to manage their occupied property and, in some cases, property held as an income-producing investment.

They may also become involved in advising planning departments on major property development schemes.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of estate managers

Employers include central and local government, development companies, private advisory consultancies and property-owning organisations such as retailers and breweries.

Local authorities may employ qualified valuers and surveyors in planning departments. They comment on plans, and develop and manage property for local authorities.

Estate managers who work for commercial agencies or property developers often follow a project through from the purchase of land to daily management of the property.


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