Driving examiner
Inspection & Standards

Driving examiners carry out tests to see whether people drive well enough to be given full driving licences.

Work Activities

Driving examiners sit alongside people while they take their driving tests. They watch the way the person drives to check that it's done in a safe way.

Driving examiners are based at test centres. Each working day, they will have a list of people that they are expected to test.

On the day of their test, learner drivers will go to the centre and wait to be called by the examiner.

In the test centre, the examiner will call out the learner's name. They will then ask whether the learner's car is properly insured. The examiner will then check the learner's provisional licence. If all paperwork is correct, the examiner will ask the learner to lead them to their car.

At the car, the examiner will ask the learner to read a number plate that is 20.5 metres away. If the learner reads the number plate correctly, the examiner will then ask two car safety questions.

Before the test starts, the examiner will do a simple check of the car the test will be taken in. The examiner needs to be certain that the car is roadworthy.

Once the test starts, the examiner will be checking that the learner is driving in a safe way and is, at all times, following the rules of the road.

During the test, the examiner will check certain driving manoeuvres, for example, turning in the road or reversing around a corner. Throughout the test, the examiner will be marking a driving test report sheet.

At the end of the test, the examiner will tell the candidate whether they have passed or failed. They will also give them feedback on their performance, whether they have been successful or not. Finally, the examiner will go back to the test centre and write a short report.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of driving examiners

Driving examiners are civil servants employed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

There are further career opportunities to train to conduct tests for motorcycles, Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) and Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCV).

Examiners are allocated to 'home' test centres, in towns and cities throughout the UK. Examiners may be required to work at other test centres in their area.


You do not need any academic qualifications to enter this job. Driving examiners must hold a full and current driving licence.

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