Technical brewer
Craft & Food Trades

Technical brewers are responsible for production of craft beers at small and medium sized independent breweries and bottled, canned and draught beers large at large international brewers.

Work Activities

Technical brewers have a senior job role responsible for the scientific and management process of beer production. Depending on the size of the brewery, they may be responsible for the whole process or a specific part of it for one or several products; from ordering raw ingredients, such as hops, malt and yeast to overseeing the fermentation, maturation and filtration process, ensuring processes, water supply and machinery operate efficiently and that high quality and hygiene standards are met.

Technical brewers may also have responsibility for the bottle, can and keg packaging process, to ensure products are stored properly. Work experience in a pub or in the hospitality industry can be helpful, as this sector will be the main clients, also many independent breweries are open to visitors.

Duties may include:

  • reviewing existing products and processes
  • ordering raw ingredients from suppliers, managing quantities and costs
  • carrying out quality tests, collecting and analysing scientific data
  • meeting with clients and visitors
  • innovating new processes and products in line with budgets
  • adhering to quality and health and safety systems and procedures
  • solving technical problems
  • managing the brewery processes and staff

Personal Qualities and Skills

Key skills for technical brewers

  • strong technical problem solving skills
  • logical
  • knowledge of quality and health and safety systems and procedures
  • ability to analyse, interpret and present data
  • leadership
  • excellent written and verbal communication
  • strong organisation and project management skills
  • ability to work in a team

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of technical brewers

  • independent and large breweries
  • pub and restaurant companies
  • research institutes


Qualifications and training required

Excellent GCSE/ Higher results in Maths and science are required.

A Level/ Advanced Higher Maths, Biology, Chemistry and/ or Physics or BTEC Engineering and Science courses may be accepted at Merit and Distinction level are required by most universities to study Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Process and Mechanical Engineering and Microbiology, which are often required for job roles.

Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh offers specialist brewing and distilling undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The University of Nottingham also offers a postgraduate degree in brewing science. The Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) offers a range of professional diplomas and certificates.

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