Heavy vehicle mechanic/technician
Construction, Mechanical & Electrical Trades

Heavy vehicle mechanics/technicians service and repair large vehicles such as lorries, buses and coaches. They work in a workshop and also at the roadside.

Work Activities

Heavy vehicle mechanics/technicians service and repair large vehicles such as lorries, buses, coaches and agricultural vehicles. They are trained in all aspects of heavy vehicle mechanics and electronics, including engine and exhaust systems, air conditioning and security systems.

They carry out checks and maintenance on the vehicle according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

As part of a routine service, they check the vehicle for any faults or worn parts and repair and replace the faulty parts and components.

Technicians working in truck dealerships use diagnostic tools to identify faults and then make the necessary repairs.

The work involves a lot of standing, bending and lying under vehicles.

Mechanics may need to drive out to repair vehicles that have broken down.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Key skills for heavy vehicle mechanics/technicians

  • Excellent practical skills
  • Good technical and mechanical knowledge
  • Problem solving skills
  • Computer skills to use specialised equipment for diagnosing faults
  • Be able to work well on your own and also in a team

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of heavy vehicle mechanics/technicians

Road haulage companies

Bus and coach operators

Commercial companies with fleets of heavy vehicles, for example, supermarket chains and petrol companies

Commercial fleet management companies


Qualifications and training required

City & Guilds and the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) offer the Level 2 Diploma in Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles

You can also enter this this type of work on an Intermediate or Advanced Level Apprenticeship with an employer.

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship for Heavy Vehicles Service Technician

Advanced Level Apprenticeship for Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Technician

With experience, you could take the Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Automotive Diagnostic Techniques

For Scottish applicants looking for an apprenticeship in this area, most employers will look for a minimum of National 4s in English, Maths and a science/technological subject. Some entry level college courses require no formal qualifications.

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