Volunteer work organiser

The role of a volunteer work organiser is varied but will include people management and recruiting, managing budgets and helping out with training.

Work Activities

Key responsibilities of the job include:

  • advertising volunteer opportunities
  • interviewing and selecting volunteers
  • providing or arranging appropriate training
  • coordinating and supporting the work of volunteers
  • organising/undertaking publicity tasks aimed at attracting new volunteers
  • managing budgets
  • helping with fundraising activities
  • producing advertising/publicity materials
  • helping to increase the number of volunteer opportunities within the organisation

Paid vacancies attract strong competition – many people working in such positions begin as volunteers themselves.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Key skills for volunteer work organisers

  • Enthusiastic
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Good verbal and numerical abilities
  • Sensitivity
  • Diplomacy
  • Discretion
  • Capable of working well with others
  • Efficient
  • Systematic
  • Organised

Pay And Opportunities

Typical employers of volunteer work organisers

  • Charities
  • Local authorities
  • Voluntary and non-profit making organisations
  • Private trusts
  • Foundations

Opportunities are advertised by careers services, in newspapers, in Community Care and specialist charity sector publications, in Charity Times and Third Sector as well as their online equivalents. Many jobs are only advertised internally, so speculative applications are advisable, for which the Voluntary Agencies Directory and Charities Digest may be useful. Local charities and volunteer bureaux can often provide work experience placements.


Qualifications and training required

There are no set qualifications for entry into the profession, so you can become a volunteer work organiser both with or without a degree.

For graduates, any degree subject is acceptable, although a business studies, management or social administration qualification may be helpful. Relevant work experience and voluntary sector knowledge is normally more valued than academic qualifications, so it's important to undertake as much volunteer work as possible.

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